How to say channel ?



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What is the definition of channel ?

  1. direct the flow of
  2. a passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through
  3. a deep and relatively narrow body of water (as in a river or a harbor or a strait linking two larger bodies) that allows the best passage for vessels
  4. send from one person or place to another
  5. a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record)
  6. a way of selling a company's product either directly or via distributors
  7. (often plural) a means of communication or access
  8. a path over which electrical signals can pass
  9. a bodily passage or tube lined with epithelial cells and conveying a secretion or other substance
  10. a television station and its programs
  11. transmit or serve as the medium for transmission

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